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NOTE: this site is a work in progress like the WorldWideWeb and the Internet themselves.

Actually there is nowadays so much crap out there on the world wide web (often incorrectly referred as "the Internet") that I decided to turn back time and revert my site to an early 90's like website, when most things on the web where new and refreshing. The time that Mossaic just saw light and we noticed images could be used to make your site different of those dull Gopher bases sites we knew. (That was all long before the infamous the browser war). In those days there were no such annoying things like Flash (shockwave), Java, activeX and dhtml/ajax and there where barely images on the web, actually most exciting things happened on Usenet.
It's hard to show the very first website ever since the WWW didn't just pop into existence, it just slowly happened but to give you an idea this was the website of the CERN (where it all started) and interestingly the current W3.org site isn't that much different!.

Given that I had my first own website around 1993/1994 (when I wend to the university to study ComputerScience) it couldn't have been more sexy one as the page you are currently reading. (I'm still searching my vast archives for an old copy.) Actually it was then when I say the web and the possibilities of the internet for the first time and liked it from the start. IRC was also a big thing then, where this now seems to be replaced by instant messengers (ICQ/MSN-messenger/AIM), and social-networking sites like Facebook, LinkedIn and Hyves in the Netherlands. While on IRC for hours I still can remember those times where you have been chatting for hours and suddenly realize one of the other chat-members appears to be the guy sitting next to you... :-) (LOL).

For all those who are thinking about those early days of the Internet for the masses there is the WayBackMachine, see how those sites looked back then and enjoy that nostalgic feeling. Unfortunately this archive started in 1996 so all (Gopher) sites before that time are lost.

If you are interested in how this site would have looked like in Mosaic you could click <HERE>.
Or do some live browsing using this old browser-emulator (click on the browser-names in the image).
Or (if you're brave enough) try for yourself with the Mosaic source-code: http://obsolete (Unfortunately the original site at NSCA is removed, and all the mirros that once existed....)

Added 10/10/2009 (updated 12/06/2014):
Since some people are complaining my site is too boring, here some links to spice things up a little:
Added 10/13/2009 :
More complaints: A friend of me mentioned my site was missing the very popular <blink> tag...
But recently I noticed the <blink> tag is not supported in modern browsers anymore... shame!
Well, here it is for those who can stil see it: Blinking text. (Erwin, I really hope you're satisfied now)

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tv b+ DI+++ D++ G-(+) e++ h(---) r+++>+ y+++>++
(see www.geekcode.com or for lazy people among us: GEEK CODE decoder)

  • Wikipedia, the online community-based Encyclopedia
  • 1993 CERN WebSite screenshot taken from : MadSCI.org (thanks to David Ehnebuske!)
  • the Internet WayBackMachine from archive.org